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  • With in-depth knowledge of technologies and abundant market survey information, IDC (an international market research company affiliated to IDG) is supported by the professional science and technology information to provide your decisions with authentic proof.
  • Fully understand the markets of various fields in China, and can plan market activities consistent with market growth and requirements in the industry.
  • With abundant experience in market extension in IT industry for years, and the ability to discern market changes.
  • Provide integrated and more and more innovative market schemes and services with IDG’s ample resources, rapidly and effectively affecting the market, expanding the demand and boosting sales.
  • Have a comprehensive and high quality database that has been created through years of effort. It is the precious resource used to serve our customers, includes important information of multinational corporations, large enterprises and small-/medium-sized companies of various industries.
  • Have rich experienced strategic partners, with which we have established steady cooperation relationship through contact over a long period of time.
  • Have nearly 100 venders from different industries in China, including hotels, conference centers, film and TV production companies, gift companies, design companies, construction companies, public relations companies etc.
  • Our venders provide competitive services and prices.
  • Have realized network interaction and knowledge management.

IDG China:

  • IDG entered China in 1979, and it is one of the earliest Sino-foreign joint-ventured companies.
  • IDG China has 5 major businesses: media cooperation, market research, venture investment, exhibition and conference, and integrated market services.
  • In 2000, the growth rate of businesses in IDG China (except the venture investment) is as high as 40%, which is the highest rate among all sub companies of IDG all over the world.
  • Plane media: IDG officially entered China in 1979, founded the first Sino-foreign joint-ventured company – China Computerworld Publishing & Servicing Co., Ltd to publish its weekly newspaper ComputerWorld. Currently, IDG joint-venturedly or cooperatively publishes 22 kinds of magazines and newspapers. Under IT category, there are ComputerWorld, Network World, PC World, Family Computer World, Internet World, Computer Partner World, and Software; under telecommunication category: Telecom World; under electronics: Electronics Today and Electronic Engineering and Product World; under business and management category: IT Manager World, Digital Fortune; Under consumption category: Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Brides, Popular Mechanics and Good Housekeeping etc.
  • Venture Investment: IDG Technology Venture Investment Fund (formerly Pacific Technology Venture Fund), under the administration of IDG, entered the Chinese market in 1993. Up to now, IDG Technology Venture Investment Fund has invested US $120 million in 80 cases in China.,,, Kingdee Software, Superdata Software and so on have benefited from the Fund. In Oct. 1998, IDG announced that it would invest 1 billion US dollars in medium and small-sized high-tech enterprises in China in the next seven years.
  • Market Research: IDC (China) was founded in 1992. It provides data and information of market analysis for the companies who need it, enabling them to hold the market trend and make right strategic decisions. Nowadays, IDC (China) provides services for 3,800 clients throughout the world. The extensive and professional market research conducted by IDC (China) covers 22 kinds such as technology, product and industry, market, clients and sales. The services provided by IDC (China) contain the following contents: continuous information service, multiple client research, customization research and consultation.
  • Exhibitions and Conferences: IDG help the multinational enterprises and local IT technology companies with popularizing the companies, brands and products as well as exploiting potential new markets. Leveraging its experience in Asia, IDG World Expo assorts with the favorable background in Asia where there is the globally fastest-developing IT technology market. It attracts the passional and well-educated target audience trough multiple measures, and helps the customers with coordinating the relationships with the buyers to occupy new markets earlier.

International Data Group (IDG)

  • Founded in 1964, with its headquarters in Boston of the U.S., IDG is the world’s largest company conducting IT publication, market research and exposition services.
  • Ranked 21st on Fortune, the best companies to work for (Y 2001). Moreover IDG is the only company that enjoys this honor in the publication industry.
  • Ranked 51on Forbes, the top 500 American’s largest private companies (Y2001) .
  • In 2001, IDG’s global business gross income reached to 3.01 billion US dollars. It has totally more than 11,500 employees. And its operations spread to 85 countries and areas all over the world.
  • IDG is the organizer and sponsor of 168 computer-related expositions in the world.
  • IDG publishes over 300 varieties of IT-related magazines and 700 books in 85 countries.
  • Provide the largest specialty technology information websites network covering more than 240 target websites in 55 countries for the global on-line users by (
  • IDG has founded 49 IDC branches in 42 countries to provide IT market research consultation services.
  • IDG entered the Chinese market in1979, and is one of the first foreign capital enterprises in China.
  • IDG China has 5 fields of operations including media cooperation, market research, venture investment, exhibition and conference as well as integrated marketing services.

IDG World Expo China Co., Ltd

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